Classic nativity figures

Classic nativity figures: These figures are characterized by their simple elegance and traditional representation. They are carved in a realistic style and are therefore timeless. Classic nativity figures are often used in traditional Christmas cribs.

Baroque nativity figures

Baroque nativity figures: Baroque Nativity Figures from Val Gardena are opulent and lavish in design. They boast magnificent garments, intricate decorations, and vibrant colors, often adorned with gold or silver foil. These figures are often carved with incredibly realistic details, allowing for lifelike representations of people and animals.

Modern nativity figures

Modern nativity figures: These figures have a contemporary design with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. They are often more abstract and minimalist in style compared to traditional nativity figures.

Oriental nativity figures

Oriental nativity figures: Oriental nativity figures from Val Gardena mirror the influence of the Middle East on Christian culture. They feature colorful garments, intricate patterns, and delicate embellishments. These figures exude an exotic allure and incorporate distinctive elements such as turbans. The depiction of camels, incense, and other exotic elements is also common.

nativity figures made of Swiss alpine pine

Nativity figures made of Swiss Pine Wood: These figures are made from the wood of the Swiss pine tree, which grows in the Alpine regions. The nativity figures often showcase the natural wood grain and are designed in a simple elegance to accentuate the beauty of the wood. Therefore, these Nativity Figures are typically left unpainted, preserving their natural state