Mahlknecht nativity

Mahlknecht Nativity

The Mahlknecht nativity from Val Gardena, South Tyrol, has a realistic style, in which great emphasis is placed on the representation of details and authentic scenes. The crib figures and landscape are very lifelike. The woodcarved Mahlknecht crib shows many lifelike figures that truthfully depict the scene of the birth of Jesus. In addition, there are also a variety of animals and other figures that make the scene more lively. A great crib collection for crib enthusiasts and collectors.

MA St. Joseph

MA St. Mary

MA Manger

MA King-Moor

MA King-white

MA Woodcutter

MA Laundress

MA Cooper

MA Ox-lying

MA Donkey

MA Calf

MA Cow grazing

MA Driver

MA Boy milking

MA Grandmother

MA Well

MA Camp fire

MA Comet

MA Dove + aura

MA Pig

MA Rooster

MA Spitz

MA Hedgehog

MA Cat

MA Dove

MA Camel

MA Camel lying

MA Stag

MA Doe

MA Fawn

MA Horse

MA Deer

MA Fox

MA Elephant

MA Cart

MA Kid

MA Kid lying

MA Goat lying

MA Billy goat

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