Kostner nativity

The Kostner crib is a Christmas crib in a classic style. It is characterized by a wide variety of figures and therefore offers countless possibilities for composition. This wooden crib set from Val Gardena in South Tyrol is famous at many Christmas markets. Collectors can look forward to new figures every year. All carved crib figures of the Kostner nativity scene are available in our online shop in the versions "natural wood" or "color" in different sizes.

KO St. Joseph

KO St. Mary

KO Manger

KO King Caspar

KO Ox-lying

KO Donkey

KO Woodcutter

KO Laundress

KO Calf

KO Farmer

KO Cow grazing

KO Driver

KO Shepherd

KO Innkeeper

KO Boy milking

KO Grandmother

KO Well

KO Camp fire

KO Comet

KO Dove + aura

KO Pig

KO Rooster

KO Spitz

KO Hedgehog

KO Cat

KO Dove

KO Camel

KO Camel lying

KO Stag

KO Doe

KO Fawn

KO Horse

KO Deer

KO Fox

KO Elephant

KO Cart

KO Kid

KO Kid lying

KO Goat lying

KO Billy goat

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