History of woodcarving

Our Story Our Roots

In 1891, the farm name "Ciaschèa" (Ciajea) first appeared in connection with the Mussner family, who were teamsters. At that time, South Tyrol was part of Austria, and until the end of the 19th century, this family used their animals to enable trade across the mountains to Italy, mostly trading in woodcarvings.

Foundation of the first business in 1936

In 1936, the trained woodcarver August Mussner founded the first shop for his carvings in the Ciajea house in Wolkenstein. Originally, he wanted to exhibit his artworks in a studio and offer them for sale to make them accessible to a wider audience. The shop was initially small and modest, but August Mussner placed great emphasis on quality and craftsmanship from the beginning. Over the years, the shop was expanded to increase the range of sacred and secular wooden figures and to meet the increasing demand for his artworks. With the growing tourism in the region, the little woodcarving shop became an important destination for visitors looking for traditional handicrafts and unique souvenirs.

Tradition meets modernity: Ciajea Woodcarvings today

Today, August's son, Walther Mussner, continues the tradition of woodcarving and has developed and modernized the range over the years. The specialist shop now offers a wide range of sculptures in many different variations and designs, where tradition meets modernity. Over the years, Ciajea Woodcarving has become one of the most well-known and prestigious woodcarving businesses in the region. The Mussner family still places great emphasis on the highest quality and traditional craftsmanship. The range includes not only classic sacred wooden figures such as crucifixes and saints, but also numerous secular figures such as animals, landscapes, or modern depictions of people. A special highlight are the handcrafted Christmas cribs that are exhibited every year at Ciajea Woodcarvings during the Christmas season.

The specialist shop in Wolkenstein is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike who are looking for unique and handmade woodcarvings.